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Plan your move with ease and confidence with the professionals at Parkway Van Lines.

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Every year we recognize each of our top drivers for their outstanding performance.

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Parkway Van Lines understands that our primary mission is to serve our customers.

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Parkway Van Lines believes that the key to a successful move is planning and organization.

From the smallest detail to the major issues, Parkway Van Lines and its staff sets in motion a process that will ensure that all your furniture and personal effects are packed, shipped or stored in the manner that you intended.

To assist you with your planning, Parkway Van Lines has assembled a few tips to make your move the smoothest that you have ever experienced.

Parkway Van Lines staff will be pleased to discuss your plans with you. They’ll show how you can use the cube sheet to pre-plan your move.

They’ll assist you in deciding what you want to send by air or sea and what you’ll leave in storage.

Contact Parkway Van Lines today to discuss your move.